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ComTel's customer service and support is awesome!

ComTel's customer service and support is awesome! Somehow, Matt and his team make you feel as if you are their only customer by promptly replying to inquiries, habitually answering phone calls and immediately solving any issues you may have! Hawaii Vision Associates has been working with ComTel for about 4 years now and we have consistently experienced excellent customer service and support as we transitioned our Call Center and offices from hard, in-office VOIP phones to soft, mobile phone VOIP applications so some of our staff could work from home. ComTel has given us the competitive edge that we needed as we adapted to the new pandemic business environment.
Dr. Robb T. Shibayama, OD
Hawaii Vision Associates

Great partner in our Business

We started with ComTel over 10 years ago and they remain a great partner in our Business. Our golden rule when partnering with vendors is that they service well, are knowledgeable and priced right. They check all boxes. I personally rely on Susan and Matt for advice on everything technology related. Yes, when you trust someone you are on a first name basis.
Randy M Iwashita
Chief Operations Officer, Sacred Hearts Academy

We are very happy

Prior to our partnership with ComTel, St. John Vianney did not have a reliable and effective communication system throughout the campus. The parish and school researched various options available for our site. Working closely with ComTel we were able to select a system that was not only cost effective but addressed connectivity between all classes and offices as well as an exterior paging system which addresses various zones. We are very happy with our purchase and the service we receive from ComTel. Mahalo to Matt, Susan and their team!

Caryn DeMello
Principal, St. John Vianney School

We recommend Comtel because they will listen to your needs

We were privileged to work with Comtel in 2020 at the expiration of our contract with a large competitor. We knew we were paying too much and wanted to reduce our monthly costs. Comtel told us of a great rebate program with the federal government that made it possible for us to pay off our new system for ½ the cost while reducing our monthly outlay by over 60%.

Comtel worked hard to get the new system up and running before our old contract expired and was on hand several times to finish the setup and train our team in its use. They have been very responsive when we had questions over the several months since installation and remain committed to our successful implementation of what the system offers.

We recommend Comtel because they will listen to your needs, set realistic expectations, and help simplify your communications while reducing your costs.

Peter Eldridge
President, Fire Doors Hawaii Raynor Hawaii Overhead Doors and Gates Inc.

We are very happy with ComTel!

Our problem was that we need Quickbooks to be available to all authorized users. It was only on one PC and it routinely had hardware issues. Because our office is prone to power failures, we wanted something more reliable. Having no IT support, we knew we needed help and called on ComTel. They seamlessly migrated our server to the Cloud. We now have high availability with great support—and we reduced costs! We are very happy with ComTel!
Wes Hara
Excalibur Print Systems & Supplies

Friendly service

Our firm and its predecessor have relied on ComTel since 2006. Two years ago, we counted on ComTel to modernize our communications and security. ComTel installed and manages a Next Gen security appliance which delivers Antivirus Analysis, Firewall Protection, Intrusion Prevention and Web Threat Protection. As a tax professional, it is a relief to know we have ComTel’s extra layer of protection! We also depend on ComTel’s hosted phone service. We are always able to rely on ComTel’s quick response, technical competence, and friendly service.
Rae Oshiro, EA
Rae Oshiro EA

Good service

ComTel stands above other options because their customer service is outstanding and their phone service is excellent. With ComTel’s skilled people and good pricing, we knew we were getting a good, solid phone service from a reputable local Company. ComTel has exceeded our expectations in how promptly they solve our problems. And we have saved money! Why choose ComTel? Good service. Good product. Good people. When you choose ComTel you will not be disappointed.
Debra Pompadur (B)
Owner / Manager, Evergreen by Debra, LLC

Our overall experience with ComTel has been positive!

We, at Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates, Inc., have been with ComTel since 2011. We are an engineering company located in Kalihi with 50+ employees. ComTel initially setup and installed our Mitel system, and has helped us to migrate to gain expanded features over the years. This enables us to stay current with our technological abilities and to continue to seamlessly assist our clients. During the few times that we’ve had any phone system issues, ComTel was incredibly responsive and quick to address our concerns. When we needed to upgrade our onsite server recently, ComTel was willing to work around our normal business hours to prevent service interruption. The service agents worked after hours and through the late evening to ensure that everything was functioning properly for our next business day. Our overall experience with ComTel has been positive!
Jimmy Hernandez
Office Manager, Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates, Inc.

cost effectiveness and technical proficiency!

Com Tel deserves a “5 Star Rating” for their high level of service, cost effectiveness and technical proficiency! Our 18 acre campus presents challenging connectivity issues. ComTel solved these issues in cost effective and proficient manner such that ComTel effectively enabled O’ahu Cemetery and Mortuary to integrate our security camera system and telecommunication demands. ComTel’s lower monthly cost and professional staff is exceedingly responsive to our needs!
Scott Power
President, O’ahu Cemetery and Mortuary

Professionalism and responsiveness

Ko’olau Federal Credit Union highly recommends ComTel for IT support and consulting. After contracting their services, we were able to address high priority audit issues quickly and expertly. We are constantly impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. ComTel provides us with a concise and easy to understand plan whenever proposing a new project. We were able to migrate from Windows 7 to 10 with new hardware and added secure Wi-Fi at both branches with little to no interruptions in our day to day operations. Due to ComTel’s innovative thinking, we were able to reduce costs while increasing internet speeds and reliability. ComTel has become a trusted part of our team. ComTel’s ability to resolve problems in a timely manner is excellent. The staff is always willing to assist with any problem that arises. I am very grateful that we made the decision to partner with ComTel.
Candi Yamamoto
Sr Vice President/CFO, Ko’olau Federal Credit Union

High quality professional

Over the last few years, our Company was struggling with daily issues due to our network, telecom and IT Support services. In addition, we were not paying competitive pricing. ComTel was one of 4 companies we asked to respond to an RFP to improve our network & telecom solutions. ComTel was chosen for the following reasons: their competitive pricing would save us over 75% compared to our historical spend, ability to use our current equipment and a commitment to provide high quality service. And, we were not disappointed in our choice, while we became more familiar with ComTel as incredible implementation partners, we decided we wanted to expand our relationship by contracting them for IT Support services. When they began to deploy their Desktop & IT support solution our entire organization reached out praising their team for being knowledgeable, helpful, professional and very responsive with quick solution oriented service. I would highly recommend ComTel to any organization who wants to avoid business disruption due to their Network, telecom or IT Support service and wants to work with a high quality professional business partner.
Virginia Wallace
Former - Director of Finance, Noa Botanicals

Staff are always professional

ComTel has helped our company’s productivity increase with the help of their patient and kind staff. With ComTel’s help, we have been able to utilize the full functions of our newly installed phones and computers and save money! They are always available to help us and always respond in a timely manner. We highly recommend that businesses and organizations contact them to find out what ComTel has to offer to efficiently increase productivity in their businesses. The staff are always professional and truly share the aloha spirit through their local business.
Milton S. Kurashige, P.T.
President, Hawaii Physical Therapy

Incredible service and incredible technology

Big Mahalo to the ComTel team! With their help and VoIP technology, we now have a "virtual assistant" working from her home in Ewa Beach! We sent her home with a phone, and it is as if she is answering the phone from the office! We don't have to worry about forwarding calls to her and it is seamless. Thanks a bunch. Incredible service and incredible technology

Dr. Linda D. Chiu, MD, FACS
Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery, Advanced Hearing Hawaii & Advanced Aesthetics Hawaii

They’re just great guys!

Thank you for introducing Dunhill to the Comtel team. Now that we’ve moved and I’ve had the personal opportunity to work with Matt Darnell and David…I must tell you how very, very impressed I am with them. They are THE perfect example of five star ***** customer service along with their excellence in technical ability. Matt is a good listener and very patient when working with people for example, when I’m struggling to describe my issue, he knows exactly what I’m trying to say. He’s swift and corrects my computer technical issues immediately. At least three times I felt silly for simple fixes for example: turning the system off and then on; or putting the phone line in the right puka; or using imap instead of pop! While I felt silly, Matt was never condescending. He was as nice as could be. They’re just great guys! There’s a specialness with each member of ComTel that sets them apart from all other small businesses. The way they handle us at Dunhill models how we strive to improve our customer relations. We’re working on it!

Nadine Stollenmaier
President, Dunhill Professional Staffing of Hawaii

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